At Juliette’s Elite Escort Agency in Auckland, Greek services are not standard. Not all of our ladies are open to this service, so it’s essential to make it clear if you’re after anal sex when booking.

Luckily for enthusiasts, anal is no longer taboo, which is a good thing! Our escorts are all experts in the bedroom and, like you, they each have their unique experiences and tastes between the sheets. Always keep in mind that consent is vital, so if going Greek happens to come up throughout your evening and your date declines, respectfully accept this fact and move on to the rest of your evening.

If she does accept, then it’s game on.

A Slow Wind Up

Anal sex can be great when done correctly; the key is to take your time. Engage in plenty of foreplay, distract from the initial stretching with some other pleasurable sensations, and keep the preparation low-key. Because the anus is a sphincter, its job is to close up. You want to trick it into relaxing: plenty of foreplay and lube is key. Whether it is a toy, finger or penis, you need to take your time to make sure her body is used to something where there is usually nothing. Trust us, making your partner feel comfortable and relaxed will help the process go a lot more smoothly.

Get Creative

Mix it up! There are more positions for Greek other than Doggy-Style, and they all have their pleasurable benefits. Try doing some homework on great positions for anal, this will prepare you to pleasantly surprise your date, with the added bonus of looking like an expert. Tap a few of these names into Google, and take your pick. Before you do anything, though, check with her!

  • The Lap Dance (good for beginners)
  • The Backsided Lotus
  • The Caboose
  • The Full Throttle (experts only, lads)

If you or your partner are new to this, start with the basics, like spooning. Don’t be fooled by the show put on by actors in the adult entertainment industry. Anal—like vaginal sex—is an intimate experience and does not have to be anything like porn. It’s possible for a woman to have anal orgasms, but it doesn’t come easily. If you want to blow her mind, you’re going to have to put in the hard yards first.

Our Preparation Tips

Much to the contrary of many pornographic films, anal sex isn’t spontaneous. As high-class escorts, we have learned that there’s a lot of preparation that goes into this decision, and both you and your partner need to get yourselves ready for the act. But just because there’s some prep involved, it doesn’t make it any less sexy. Here are our tips for getting more than just the tip:

Hygiene is Key

As discussed on our website and in our other blogs, cleanliness is key to an enjoyable time. Avoid awkward moments by showering before starting (or even showering together), and ensuring hygiene is not forgotten about in the heat of the moment. Make sure the experience is a smooth one for you both by cutting your nails, washing your hands, and using dental dams for any rimming.

Lube is Your Friend

With all of our girls, there is a standing policy to use condoms and dental dams wherever necessary, but that’s not the only equipment you’re going to need. Bring a lot of lube. A lot. You wouldn’t go down a slip ‘n’ slide without any water, and you shouldn’t go down the back alley without lubricant—both can result in a little too much burn.

Additionally, bring a few toys to help the festivities along! Anal penetration combined with a toy in her vagina will have her screaming with pleasure at the fullness, and having some smaller toys in your repertoire will help to get your partner ready. However, never transfer from butt to vagina! Keep it clean, or your partner will start feeling sick pretty fast.

Keep in mind that it does not matter how experienced you are, you can always lose your toys, so get tools of the trade fit for anal. Don’t lose your pocket rocket in the trunk. It seems to have become an unwritten rule in society that anal sex serves as a threshold for the basis of one’s sexual experiences, but that simply isn’t the case. If you are new to anal, make sure to communicate this with your date. After all, you’re both there for a good time. Just remember: Communication, Lubrication and Relaxation.

It’s time to make a date

Arrange a date with one of our lovely female escorts, and discover what a night out with an intelligent, beautiful and sexually engaging courtesan feels like. To the elite gentlemen of Auckland, we welcome you.