It’s completely understandable if you’re a little nervous, many people are their first time with a private escort agency. Knowing you’re about to meet up with a gorgeous woman and spend the evening with her can be intimidating.

At Juliette’s, it is our prerogative to make sure that both our clients and our ladies have a wonderful time on every date. To make sure of it, we put together a client-friendly version of the etiquette our girls follow here. But how exactly does having a few rules in place make the night better?

Well, gentlemen, let’s take a quick look, shall we?


Our number one rule is that each client always checks with our girls before doing anything. Many people assume that because we are in the escort business that we have given blanket consent for anything and everything, which is not true. Our girls are there to provide you with delightful company and give you a warm, wonderful night, so to ensure your comfort they will always check with you before initiating anything.

As such, we expect you to do the same for them.

Respect And Patience

Here at Juliette’s, we ask that you show kindness, patience, and above all respect from the very moment we first speak to you. As an escort agency, it is our job to assess whether the clients contacting us are trustworthy and respectful, so as to decide if they will be a safe option for a date. If we are assured that our clients will treat our ladies with due consideration, then the girls can relax and enjoy their time with you, allowing you to do the same.

Following on from this, we do not allow anyone who is intoxicated upon arrival to continue with the evening, so please ensure to greet our ladies when you are sober.


Each of our girls will do their utmost to respect your private life, and we ask our clients to make the same effort. We understand that making conversation is part of what makes the night a successful one, and we encourage you to develop a connection with your date. However, we ask that you abstain from asking questions that could infringe on her privacy.

Don’t worry, topics of conversation won’t be a problem. Our girls are intelligent and engaging – absolute professionals in the art of conversation.


Each of our girls takes a couple of hours before their dates to properly prepare, making sure they are clean and well-groomed is a high-priority. Similarly, please make sure to brush your teeth and shower before arriving for your date. Personal presentation cannot be underestimated, and a good sense of personal hygiene on the part of both the client and the date will make the time spent together that much better.


In the name of both safety and comfort, we at Juliette’s have a rule that condoms are absolutely necessary at all times. Do not ask your date for unprotected sex; she is not able to do this, and it puts her in a very awkward position. Our girls want you to have a good night, and to have one themselves with you, so refrain from asking for this and it will go as smoothly as possible.

If everyone is on the same page regarding these guidelines, then you can arrive for your date with complete assurance that everything will go smoothly,

and the only worry the ladies will encounter will be how to make your night the best you’ve had in a while.

Ready To Make A Booking?

We operate as an agency for call girls. Rather than contacting them directly please make sure to get in touch with us, either through our contact form, email, or phone. We will arrange everything for you.

Get in touch now, and find out what it’s like to be provided with the most sophisticated outcall service Auckland has to offer. We’re looking forward to meeting you.