It is the job of a high-class escort to make sure our clients are satisfied and comfortable at all times. We want to know that what we’re doing is working for you and getting you off. This is where communication comes in. Good communication is the root of consent, a cornerstone of solid relationships, and a key ingredient in an amazing sex life. Trust us, we know.

The secret to good sex communication? Easy! Talk during sex. You can display your love for what your partner is doing to your body as easily as telling them “yes, yes, yes”, and they can do the same in return. Read on to learn how talking during sex can elevate your lovemaking to entirely new heights.

Explicit consent is sexy

That’s one thing they don’t tell you in the movies: consent is sexy. Hearing an enthusiastic “yes” from the person you’re with is more than reassuring, it tells you that they want you. This person doesn’t want to be anywhere else, doing anything else, they want to be doing you. And the thing is, consent is continuous, so you have the chance to ask over and over again in a variety of ways that will send your partner spiralling higher and higher.

It makes for arousing foreplay

Foreplay is an essential part of sex, absolutely no arguments there. Winding your partner up elevates their arousal to new heights, and that’s thanks to the power of the human imagination. Just talking about what you want to do to them, or what you want them to do to you, makes them imagine it happening in vivid detail. The sensations, the sounds, the images, they all combine to send blood rushing south, and you’ve got them breathing heavily before you’ve even laid a hand on them.

You might learn something about yourself

Let’s be honest, we all have a few unexplored depths. From professional female escorts to businesswomen to figure skaters, there is always the potential for something…kinkier hiding under the surface. And talking lets that out.

Talking promotes honesty between yourself and your partner, and it also gives you the chance to look deeper into some of the things you said at the moment. Maybe you asked your partner to hold you tighter and tighter, and through that, you discover you’re into BDSM. Or perhaps you just want to take control this time, be on top, ride them instead of letting them ride you. Whatever it is, talking lets that part of you out and can make for some exciting and fantastic sex down the line.

Talking helps you connect

No matter how long you’ve known each other—if you met an hour prior or if you’ve been together for years—talking helps create a real connection that amps up the pleasure factor. Talking facilitates a natural, easy connection, one that you can both enjoy without having to worry about being perfect. This means you won’t be hesitant to say what you want or need in the moment, or reluctant to laugh if one of you slips off the bed. When the pressure lets up, you can let go, and it becomes even hotter than before.

Knowing how to make yourself and your partner comfortable with talking during sex is the mark of a true virtuoso, and a skill to be cultivated. And if practising it is so fun, then what are you waiting for?

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