As professional Auckland escorts, we know the ins and outs of the night-time scene, so we know where to go to have a wonderful night. Over the years we’ve explored the many luxurious hotels throughout the Auckland region, and we thought it was about time that we rated our favourites for the benefit of our lovely clients.

Take note, gentlemen. Here are our favourite hotels for a night spent together, and the reasons we love them so much.

The Sofitel Auckland

This elegant French hotel is located on the stunning Viaduct, and the rooms have views that are undeniably spectacular.

All of the photos of our lovely girls were taken in rooms at the Sofitel. As you can see from our photos, the gorgeous, soft lighting and atmospheric rooms take you to another world where all of your responsibilities and stresses disappear. Enter the Sofitel with one of our lovely ladies and be prepared to be transported to a land of dreams and relaxation.

The SO Auckland

We love this hotel for its location and its amenities, as well as the gorgeously comfortable rooms. The Penthouse Suite is private and makes for a wonderful night’s stay, but the other rooms are also fantastic. Right next to the hotel is the famous Giapo (ice cream will never fail to make a girl happy), and the rooftop bar is an excellent place to sit and unwind with your date while the Auckland views stretch out all around you.

The Hilton Auckland

This hotel is world-renowned, and that’s not just because of the name attached to it. We love The Hilton’s Belinni Bar, which is arguably one of the most glamorous and sophisticated cocktail spots in Auckland.

In addition, the hotel sits right on the Waterfront, making for fantastic views and proximity to a variety of restaurants. If you choose the Hilton, you’re able to plan an entire night out with your date without having to go too far afield of your room.

The Cordis

We’ve found the Cordis (formerly the Langham) to be perfect for businessmen needing a wind down after a long week.

The hotel is central so there are brilliant restaurants nearby, the rooms are absolutely lovely, and both of you can take the time to use the Chaun Spa facilities on-site at some point during the evening. Perfect for a relaxing date.

The SKYCITY Grand Hotel

The SKYCITY Grand has its own theatre and restaurants, as well as a casino for a night of fun right in the building. The entire night can happen mere minutes from your hotel room.

Sky Tower trips also work as a fantastic date activity, but if you want to just have a nice night in with your date then the rooms available at the hotel are luxurious and comfortable, perfect for a peaceful night together.

Hotel Debrett

This is a personal favourite of ours because of its quirkiness and uniqueness. While not as grand as the other hotels listed, the Debrett still provides amazing rooms and great service. Their house bar also has signature cocktails that are a great way to spice up the evening.

Clients who value discretion will enjoy this hotel, as the rooms are incredibly private and out of the way, and the staff are very discreet.

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