As an Elite Escort Agency, we have two main priorities. The first being that our ladies are safe, comfortable and happy. The second, that we provide you with an unforgettable and incomparable service. To date, we have briefed you thoroughly on our expected client etiquette, but you may still be wondering what we do to ensure you have a great time with us. Just as we are selective of our clients, we also hold very high standards for the ladies who join us, and only the best of many applicants are selected.

To help you understand what makes our ladies the best Escorts in Auckland, we’ve compiled some of our expectations for past, present and future ladies at Juliette’s:

Great Conversation

When it comes to having great sex, there is more to it than just being physically attracted to one another. If you and your partner aren’t able to connect on an emotional level, then your intimate moments will lack the passion and desire that makes sex so exciting.

When we meet with an aspiring escort, we take notice of the way she talks, listens and engages. As a high-end companion, our ladies must be able to converse with a wide range of personalities, and many clients appreciate conversation to be the first and foremost part of a date. Our girls are well-read, experts in understanding cues and body language and are all great listeners.

Naturally Beautiful

We take the ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to beauty. There is nothing wrong in wanting to better yourself, however, there is a point where make-up and cosmetics can go too far. The purpose of make-up, is simply to enhance (not hide) one’s natural features and we urge our girls to wear minimal make-up and love the skin that they’re in.

It is always refreshing to see a girl confident in her own skin, and although our girls prepare to impress for every single date, you can trust that when you wake up to her in the morning, you won’t find layers of her foundation on your pillow.

Lovable Personalities

Our girls are experts when it comes to providing a genuine girlfriend experience. Each of our ladies is an ideal example of the perfect girlfriend and you would be proud to introduce any of them to your friends and family. Although unique in other aspects, all of our girls must be kind, genuine, humble and affectionate.

We want to assure that you have an enjoyable and relaxing time in our girls’ presence and because all of our girls inherently possess these four qualities, making sure you have a memorable experience comes easily and naturally to them.

Lovers Of Sex

Last, but certainly not least, our girls love sex. It makes sense right? But you would be surprised how many in the industry don’t.

Our girls unashamedly, and wholeheartedly love everything about sex, and genuinely enjoy the intimate moments they share with you. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t find them here at Juliette’s. With other priorities in their work and study life, it’s important you understand that if one of our girls is with you, its because she really, really wants to be.

Meet The Girl Of Your Dreams Today

Our High Class Escorts are truly some of the best that Auckland has to offer. We operate with high standards of both our clients and our ladies and can assure you a captivating and sensual night to remember. Get in touch today and let us organise a date with your beautiful lady of choice.