In every high-class escorts tool kit is a secret weapon: sex toys. These power tools of the pleasure trade are for a lot more than solo pleasure (although they are fantastic for flying solo). In fact, sex toys can be brought into the bedroom for both you and your partner to enjoy, adding a whole new dimension of potential ecstasy to every sensual encounter. If you want to see your partner’s toes curl in pleasure, their back arching to reach you, and their head thrown back in ecstasy, using sex toys is one way to get you there. We understand that the introduction of a toy into the bedroom can be a little daunting, so we’ve got some tips and tricks we’re going to pass on to you.

Choose the Right Tool for the Job

The world of toys has evolved to great heights that we can safely say there is something out there for absolutely everybody. Whatever your gender or kink, the right tool for the job can cater to it. For your first foray, we suggest thinking about what you and your partner enjoy in the bedroom, then finding a way to ramp that up. The prospect of elevated pleasure is exciting in itself, and it will make navigating the logistics of using a toy erotic instead of anxiety-inducing.

Remember, you don’t have to stick to dildos and vibrators! There are handcuffs, rope, whatever you can imagine. Go shopping together to find the one that makes you both blush, and have at it.

Start Solo, and Enjoy the Show

If sex toys in the bedroom are something entirely new to both you and your partner, then experimenting with using the toyon yourself while your partner watches can ease you both into the experience. As female escorts in Auckland, we know how electrifying it is to be watched, so trust us when we say that no one is missing out when you start slow.

Lay your partner down and get them worked up, enjoy foreplay for as long as you can handle it. Then, hand them the toy and watch as they use it to take their pleasure to entirely new heights. Talk to them, tell them how beautiful it is to watch, and pay attention to how they like to use the toy. Do they like vibrations? Do they like it deep or fast? What phrases from you make them gasp? Note it all down in your mind and lock it away for next time. For now, just enjoy pleasuring yourselves together.

Communication is Key

While using a sex toy is an incredibly rewarding experience on its own, it is even better when you and your partner communicate clearly with one another. Before you even purchase the toy, have an honest discussion about what you both want and need during sex, and find a toy that suits these desires. Don’t be afraid to be frank! It builds trust in your relationship and makes for a better result once you get between the sheets. Remember to negotiate any kinky scenarios fully so you can enjoy the experience late and always have a safe word!

Communication also extends to the boudoir itself. Whether they’re using the toy on you or vice versa, don’t be afraid to communicate about what works and what doesn’t. Periodically check-in, ask them if something feels good or if they want to try something else. This goes a long way towards creating a great first experience with the toy and leads to many more mind-blowing experiences in the future. Trust us.

Follow this guide to bring greater passion and excitement to your sexual experiences, crank the heat up even higher, and hear the moans falling from your partner’s lips in mindless ecstasy. You can thank us later.

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