Clients will occasionally ask our ladies, “How did a nice girl like you end up doing this?” Although meaning well, this question is asked with the pretence that they could be doing something better with their lives, or that it is “unfortunate” that they ended up becoming courtesans. However, many women enter the escort industry due to all the significant perks they can enjoy.

Courtesans are regular people who willingly choose to become high-class escorts. They enjoy the flexible work hours, building up of their self-esteem, and having a comfortable life—likewise, women who enter the industry span the spectrum of work and education. Here at Juliette’s Girls, we have had newly graduated doctors, models and university students. They have made the conscious and free-will decision to search for like-minded gentlemen to have a no-strings-attached relationship with.

Many women who decide to become high-class escorts are well-educated and goal-oriented. They have dreams and aspirations, such as paying for their university or doctorate, that are not feasible while working a minimum wage job. Unfortunately, as progressive as society has become, it still judges women who are escorts, insinuating it is either unfortunate they have gone into the escort industry or that it is something to be ashamed of. This comes from a misunderstanding of what a courtesan provides for a gentleman. Despite being a society that is so connected digitally, we have become very physically distant. Because of this, a lot of men are looking for a deep emotional engagement, and sex is merely an afterthought. 

Empowering Women

Women who decide to become courtesans enjoy not having a boss tell them what they have to do. They have the freedom to set their hours, work only on the dates they want to, and enjoy a high income. If anything, being a female escort is a highly empowering line of work.

Ladies who become courtesans can finally afford things they were unable to afford previously. They no longer have to live with roommates, at home, or somewhere else they don’t want to. What was previously out of reach no longer is for high-class courtesans.

It is very liberating to work on your own terms. This sort of liberation and empowerment leads to a significant boost in self-esteem and confidence. Our escorts are often told that they are gorgeous, talented, and a pleasure to spend time with and the enjoyable and rewarding work means they take pride in their service. Many deem the sex industry to be about women helping men with their wants or ‘needs’ but more importantly, the modern-day sex industry is assisting many women to achieve their goals and dreams.

Now that you know that a lady becoming an escort is not an unfortunate outcome but rather an empowering and liberating one, you can understand why it is a chosen path. Juliette’s Girls’ enjoy providing their presence and companionship to gentlemen and have no regrets selecting their lifestyle. By knowing this, you now have a fresh perspective on why an NZ girl would become an escort.