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Work as an NZ Escort

Being successful as one of our High-Class Escorts isn’t entirely about how beautiful you are. At Juliette’s, we are strong believers that there is no one size, shape or personality that is perfect in this industry; beauty comes in many different forms. We believe that it is unfair to project stereotypical ideals on our Elite Auckland Escorts, and we pride each lady on her uniqueness and individuality. Confidence is sexy, and therefore nothing is sexier than being confident in your sexuality.

What we are looking for, however, is for you to:

  • Take pride in how you present yourself. Dress with an air of elegance and sophistication, style according to your figure and apply makeup naturally
  • Have knowledge of proper etiquette and manners
  • Appreciate education and knowledge of all and any form. Whether you are a mathematician or a bookworm, we want you to pride yourself on your intelligence over your beauty
  • Have exceptional conversational skills
  • Have a healthy diet and a good exercise regime
  • Be respectful, honest, reliable and humble.
  • Have zero or only a couple of small tattoos
  • Love sex!

Above all, we ask for you to be yourself. Despite being selective in other areas, we are accepting of everybody no matter what life you have walked before approaching us; whether you are brand new to the industry or have worked before.

Ultimately, our Auckland Escort Agency is built on the premise of discretion, elegance and honesty and we are looking for ladies who reflect and pride themselves on these values.

We look after our beautiful escorts and we mean it. You will not find any fines or unjust penalties in our contract like many other High-end Escort Agencies, and rather than making all the rules ourselves, we work closely with our girls to continue to improve and update our procedures and policies. We understand that we don’t get the same outlook on the experience as our ladies do, and we accept feedback with open arms. If you believe you possess the qualities listed above and that you have what it takes to work as a High-class Auckland Escort at Juliette’s, then we want to hear from you!

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Please do not hesitate to contact us at +64224583728 if you have any questions or concerns.