As with all businesses, there are some good and some bad and unfortunately, many escort agencies are corrupt and unethical. If you are an aspiring escort or a private escort considering joining with an escort agency, it is important that you know what warning signs to look out for and how to find them:

Never Sign On The Spot

This is a very common occurrence, and I can’t stress this enough. There are so many young girls going into this industry, many who may not have ever been presented with a contract before. In no scenario should you ever sign a contract on the same day it has been handed to you, and you should demand that you have a physical copy to seek advice on before signing. A lot of agencies expect their girls to sign contracts on the spot, and the agencies that do this, usually have the most exploitative or extortive contracts. This leads me on to my next point…

Watch Out For Punitive Fines

Often, agencies will incorporate fines within their contracts to threaten you to abide by their ‘rules’. These fines are often tied to issues of exclusivity, seeing clients privately or are used against you if you cancel a booking. These fines are used by way of damages, but are often disproportionate, unenforceable and may in some cases be illegal.

If you come across fines in any contract given to you, you should seek advice on them before signing, and I would recommend steering clear of that agency. It is important to be aware of these as if an agency attempts to fine you, it can be a very stressful and intimidating experience. The New Zealand Prostitutes Collective (NZPC) are a group of friendly experts in the industry and are brilliant help in understanding contracts and what is right and wrong. Be aware of your rights and seek advice on any fines being imposed on you, before you agree to anything.

Ask Questions

What will I be expected to do? How does the agency deal with bad clients? How is my privacy protected? Asking questions can bring to light bad attributes of an agency and you should ask as many as you can think of before commencing work with them. These questions could and should include any problems you believe exist within the contract. You may disagree with how the agency operates and it is important that you get across to them what you are not willing to compromise on.

Do Your Research

Talk to current and past escorts, research every agency you can find, speak to NZPC, read news articles, watch documentaries and anything else you come across. In a world where being a ‘sugar baby’ is now a social norm, providing commercial sexual services is often glamorised throughout the media. Escorting is not for everyone, and can be isolating and hard work, however, many enjoy every aspect of the experience and find it a perfect fit in their life. Becoming a high-end escort shouldn’t be a quick decision. You should have plans in place for saving your money, and if you are just starting out, I highly recommend not relying on escorting as being your full-time job. You may very well want a break from being an escort at some point in time, and it is important to be able to transition back into how your life was before escorting without a struggle.

Work With Us

When you are searching for an Escort Agency to join, it is important that you do your research and look out for any potential warning signs. If you would like to get in contact with us about work opportunities or would like to ask any questions about working as a high-class Escort at Juliette’s, get in touch and I look forward to hearing from you!