Beauty is never two-dimensional, and as one of the best agencies for outcall escorts Auckland wide, we know that better than most. If we all looked alike, there would be no interest, no attraction, and most of all, very boring sex. That is not at all what anyone wants.

Here at Juliette’s, you can be 100% certain that each one of our girls has something unique and desirable about her, some quality that sets her apart from the rest. And each one has the confidence in herself that, above all else, makes a woman undeniably sexy.

So, it’s time to introduce you gentlemen to our ladies.


If we’re talking about confidence, it is virtually impossible to look past this incredible Venus. Charlotte brings a new meaning to sensuality with her long blonde hair and silky, slender body. Her sparkling, green eyes speak of maturity beyond her years, but true to her years she is incredibly passionate in both life and the bedroom. Most of our clients seeking a date with one of our girls want a night’s connection that stems beyond the physical. With Charlotte, you can absolutely be sure that, whoever you may be, you’ll feel confident and relaxed to be in her presence. She radiates an intoxicating, passionate quality that is hard to come by.


We are still replaying our first encounter with Rachel in our heads. She met us with a smile you could see from space and an unfaltering lively demeanour, which left us head-over-heels in awe of her. There are many words you could use to describe this exquisite woman, but delightful, elegant and graceful are an absolute given. She encapsulates confidence that many can only dream of having, yet she still radiates warmth and compassion that many will search for in their lovers. We are sure that an evening with Rachel would be sensual, stimulating and incredibly sultry, but we invite you to find that out for yourself.


Living up to her name’s heritage, Heidi brings the term “European beauty” to life in ways you can only imagine until you meet her. With such a striking figure it can be hard to believe how approachable she is, but it is impossible to deny that the second you find yourself in her company, Heidi’s playful demeanour puts you at ease. Don’t be mistaken, she carries a friendliness inside and out, but as an astonishingly passionate and confident woman she will make your night one to remember. When you meet with Heidi, you can look forward to a carefree night of fun and pleasure with a long-legged, green-eyed goddess.


They say the British are conservative, but our English stunner puts that rumour to rest. Blonde hair, a bright smile, and insanely blue eyes make this woman a vision to behold. Bonnie is the girl to meet if you want a warm, happy, comforting date with someone who is an absolute joy to embrace. Bonnie is tender and flirtatious and without a doubt one of the most kind-spirited women we’ve ever met. Don’t mistake these qualities for shyness though – shy is one thing she most certainly is not. When you spend time with this incredible ray of sunshine, we guarantee you’ll leave feeling bright and satisfied.


Quick-witted, vibrant, and with bright green eyes to match, it’s a wonder anyone on the street can walk past Briar without turning their heads. At first glance, she enchants you with her big eyes and trailing brown locks, and the more time you spend with her the more you will realise how much you don’t want to leave. Briar is a wonder to spend the night with, her light-hearted coquettish nature making each experience an individual one. Whether you’re meeting her for the first time or whether you’ve seen her before, she will dazzle you every time.

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We operate with the highest esteem for both our clients and our ladies, so you can be assured of a high-quality experience unparalleled in the world of NZ Escorts. If you’re looking to book a date with one of our passionate and confident girls contact us here, and we hope to be hearing from you soon.